Black Comedy: Series 2

The team behind Black Comedy returned for a second Series of the hilarious sketch comedy show. Natalie and her original art crew joined forces again to bring life to old favourites such as ‘Housewives of Narromine’ and the ‘Tiddas’ sketches, and created new worlds for ‘The Elders’, a homage to ‘The Godfather’, ‘Welcome to Wandaroorah’ a homage to ‘The Cars that Ate Paris’, and a host of new sketches including Ray, Uncle Doctor, and BLAKFORE: SCU. One of the highlights for Natalie, was designing The Tiddas' New Zealand Wedding (shot in Taren Point of course) complete with a boat arrival, flamingoes and a heart-shaped arbour dripping with artificial floral, sequinned birds and disco-balls perfectly fit for a Tidda.

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