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30 second TVC

Moodboard displaying proposed style, colours and furniture.

3D Model of Set created in Vectorworks.

3D Render of the opening exterior shot.

3D Render of the car entering. This was important to model in order to see how the car would fit in the space.

3D Render of a high angle shot admiring the car.

3D Render over the shoulder shot.

The set coming together.

Rigging the scrim that spans the whole top of the set, doubling as a ceiling.

Living room furniture.

Bringing in the car!

Product shot.

Natalie was tasked with designing this TVC for Nulon Engine Oil. The job required a full set build of a living room that allowed a car to be driven into the space! The entire set was installed and dressed in one day, with a one day shoot.

Production Designer


November 2013