Black Comedy

Promising ‘to go blackly where no other blackfella has gone before’, Black Comedy is a 6 part sketch comedy show written entirely by Indigenous Australians and features a core cast of six: Steven Oliver, Aaron Fa’aoso, Jon Bell, Nakkiah Lui, Elizabeth Wymarra and Bjorn Stewart.

Natalie was the Production Designer of the low budget production and was called upon to design the Starship Enterprise, Biblical Nazareth, a children’s TV set inspired by Playschool and countless other scenarios all with a core art crew of three: Art Director Cyrus Kaye, Buyer/Dresser Louise Galligan and Standby Props Sam Boffa.

Attached are some still photos from the production taken by Tony Mott showcasing just a few of the hilarious sketches.

Scarlett Pictures for ABC TV

Comedy Sketch Show