In Cold Light

One location, two actors, seven day shoot: ‘In Cold Light’ is an independent feature film currently in post production. Based on Duncan Ley’s script, this psychological thriller takes place in a closed interrogation room and features the confrontation between a respected English teacher, Father Lamori (played by Felix Williamson), and a relentless investigator (Matt Nable) after the murder of a young boy. Natalie was the Production Designer, charged with the difficult task of creating a single set, an interrogation room, to house the entire full-length film. Detail was key, and she worked with a small team of four to construct, texture and scenic every surface of the room. From the rusting interrogation table bolted to the concrete floor, to the patina’d steel door, to the flickering fluoros and moulding pipes that ooze liquid oxide; everything was broken down and aged to create a layered space of untold stories. Set construction was over five days in Studio 4 of Fox Studios and executed with a tight budget.

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